Shreenagar Agro Farm Pvt. Ltd. : Company Profile





Shreenagar Agro Farm Pvt. Ltd.

Thirbam Sadak, Tangal Kathmandu, Nepal



Shreenagar Group, an established group having involvement in agri-business sector of Poultry Breeder Farming, Hatchery, Feed Mill, Commercial Farms and in construction & real estate. The group operates three companies in agri-business namely – Shreenagar Agro Farm, Sunaulo Agro Farm, Gems Agro Livestock Industries. These companies are involved in Poultry Breeder Farm operations for Broiler and Layers; Hatchery for production of broiler and layer day old chicks; Feed Mill for production of mash and pellet feed (upcoming in near future) for poultry and other livestock; Commercial broiler and layer farms; and distribution of table eggs (regular and branded). The group offers technical support to the farmers and also provides medicines and vaccines. 

The corporate office is located in Kathmandu. The Group has its operations in Sau Pharshatikar, Ward no. 8, Rupandehi, 275kms South-West of Kathmandu and in Telga VDC, Ward No. 1, Palpa, 45 kms north of Rupandehi.

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